Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I came across this amazing but now defunct blog, katie did, and in particular this post. I have never wanted to quilt. I like knitting since I can sit and talk while knitting, or knit in the car, or while watching television. I like sewing because you can make things fast! Quilting, which is time consuming and takes quiet concentration, never appealed to me.

And then last weekend Joann had quilters solids 40% off AND I had a friends and family coupon for 25% off my entire purchase! See, I had to get some and try this out! That also meant I needed a walking foot. For this I needed to go to Meissner, and since if you don't have anything nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all, I am going to say nothing about Meissner. I did procure the walking foot, and that's what matters.

So on Monday after a surprise! busy! morning, I set about to try this quilting thing out. After I sewed with a bit of the second color of thread, I had to stop and tell Leng just how beautiful it was. It's so simple but so beautiful! After I sewed about a third of the way with the second color I looked more closely and realized that the tension was way off. It was fine for the first color, and started fine with the second. but after a few inches looked wonky the rest of the way. It looked like the upper tension was loose but that was not the case. I thought maybe the lower tension was off but that was also not the case. I cleaned all in the bobbin area, and then ran to see if Trina was online. She was! She said to just re-thread everything. I did, and sewed a sample, and it looks great again! I guess it just got a little dusty in there. It was too late to keep sewing, so hopefully I can work more tonight when Leng gets home!


  1. Melinda, that post from Katie did is my friend Katie who grew up here in Shingle Springs but moved to the New York area during college. Small world! Love her blog but I think at some point, someone stole her online identity so she shut things down for awhile.

  2. Yeah, I saw that. It is so creepy what people will do. I totally understand why she stopped blogging, but it's sad that she stopped. I was reading the post about her oldest starting school and I was tearing up thinking of Chloe starting! It's also sad because I love the stuff she made. I didn't find her blog until after she stopped blogging, and I check every once in a while to see if she came back.


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