Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Week 12 - March 19 - March 25

Ok new favorite.
I decided to sew this last night. The pattern is from, the same as the Kimono pattern. I just want to make this dress and Kimonos all day. They are so easy, and they look so amazing that you are super proud of yourself.

Of course, there are mistakes, and I see them when I look at the dress, but it's so cute anyway that I forgive myself. Mostly.
Template ready to sew more...
 The arm hole curve was annoying because I wanted to get it perfect. I need to relax more with my sewing. Just don't look to closely at my stitches.
See how the curve is less wide than the rest? I was ironing this forever to try and make it even. Yeah, crazy.
 French seams! I could have used the serger to finish the side seams, but I thought I'd try the french seams. They were easy and look great!
How cute does it look hemmed? I actually sewed too deep at one point and missed sewing the folded fabric for the hem. Being a lazy sewer I just went back and sewed over it. There's a chunk of white thread where I did this, since I didn't rip the previous seam but just sewed over it. Oh well!
 I sort of wanted to wake up Minnie last night for her to try this on. It's just so sweet!

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  1. Looks AWESOME! well done - and great summer colors!


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