Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Week 10 - March 5 - March 11

I have been playing around with making burpcloths. These have plain cotton on one side and cotton flannel on the other and no batting in between. This is my favorite combination for looks and materials, but I don't know how absorbent they will be. Flannel does not look as nice after a while, but is absorbent after a few washes. The plain cotton always looks nice, but I'm not sure how absorbent it will be. I gave one to my friend Kati so she can try it out with her niece and tell me how it goes.
I like how the fabrics are more for the parents than for a baby. Baby fabrics are adorable most of the time, and also cheesy most of the time! It's nice to have something for yourself, that doesn't scream, "Baby!"


  1. I really like the blue ones with the botanical print in the last pic.

  2. Joann had a bunch of flannels, but now they are back to mostly baby prints.


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