Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Thing a Week 13 - Simple Baby Quilt

I love this.

As I said before, I got the idea to make this quilt from this post. I don't know who/what this quilt will be for, but I wanted to make a small quilt to see if I even enjoyed the process. I did, and already have fabric to make a few more.
I used way too many quilting safety pins but that's a bit of my OCD perfectionism coming out. Hopefully next time I can relax it a bit. I pinned and sewed the first color in one evening, and I would have gotten the second color in if I had noticed that the tension was off. I had gotten a third of the way through the blanket with the blue thread before I realized it was wrong and had to pull it out. I finished sewing the quilt the second day, trimmed it, and set up the binding. Sewing the binding took 2 days. Four days for a quilt!
Trimming the edges.
The binding was just an inch or two too short, so I had to add a bit more after I'd sewn most of it. And then I sewed them together the wrong way, so that the seam and the raw edges would have been on the outside of the fabric. Hopefully I can remember how to do it correctly if it happens again!
It was supposed to overlap a few inches, not a centimeter.
Machine stitching the front edge.
I used this to attach the binding and this to hand sew the other side of the binding. I should have spread out the hand sewing part. I just kept going and sewed it in two evenings but it was hard on my hands. I sprained my pinky a few years ago and there's some pain every once in a while. It hasn't hurt in months and it definitely hurts after sewing through a few episodes of Bones. For the next quilt I should only hand sew about an hour at a time.

I'm hoping to use leftovers from these smaller quilts to make a large one to use as a picnic blanket and for trips to the park. I'm not sure how a larger quilt will fit in my sewing machine. Any tips?
Also, my walking foot is so loud I wear earplugs. Lames.


  1. Looks great, Mel! Did you use batting, or just the fabric? And how big is it?

  2. I used cotton batting in the middle. It helps make it bumpy and foldy. It is 33x42. It got smaller as I made it, so I would recommend making it an inch or two bigger per side than you want the finished product to be. I washed and ironed the sheets first, but you can sew it without washing it. I don't know if it would make it bumpier if you didn't wash it first.


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