Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Week 8 - February 19 - February 25

I finally finished my Percy.
Jennifer and I started it as a Knit-A-Long over the summer, and we both put it aside at some point. I put mine aside because I was frustrated with the second chart. It doesn't really blend in with the charts before and after and it bothered me. I put it aside thinking I would edit the pattern to make it flow better. Since months passed and I didn't touch it, I decided to finish it, give it away, and knit myself something else with the leftover yarn. The yarn is a cone of colourmart cashmere and does not deserve to sit around. It wants to be knit into something fabulous to wear!
Once I finished the shawl I decided that it was wonderful, and I can't really tell that the pattern doesn't flow, and I may keep it instead of giving it away. I do still have more yarn left though...

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