Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Color Brick Quilt - Part 2

Sewing sewing...
Lovely stack of fabric!
Working on this has been so much fun! I cut the bricks while at a sewing day with friends, and cut the sashing today. I sewed the bricks to their side sashing and layed them out, and here I need your help.

How does this look?
Also, I am three pieces off. I have more of the pink/gold, and both of the greens. Should I do one of each? Or not the pink/gold because there is a lot and just do three of the greens? I like green... Is the mustard yellow too much? Help!

Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Week 25 - Shawl for Anna

My good friend Anna was married on Saturday and I had knit her a shawl to remember her day. I also knit her a garter that I gave her a few weeks ago, but I never took a picture of it. Oops!

The shawl is Dottie. It's not exactly a straight-forward pattern, and I had to go and look at other finished projects a few times, but it was actually pretty easy. Since the directions are not written step by step and you have to do a bit of figuring out, you memorize the pattern and understand what comes next, so it makes it easy to just knit along and only look at the pattern periodically.
Anna posing in her shawl.
Look, I am elegant with my wine.
I just think this picture is adorable. Anna will probably hate it. Sorry!

Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Week 24 - Purple Sweater

 After a few weeks of off and on work I've finished a sweater for Minnie. It's the Flora sweater from Petite Purls. It's an 18 month size so it may not fit until next spring but I had the perfect yarn and couldn't wait to start.

I'll try to get some pictures of it in action!

I borrowed a child to get some cute pictures:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update on Color Brick Quilt Fabrics

I picked up two more fabrics for the Color Brick Quilt. I went to three fabric stores! Hopefully sometime this week I will find the greyish blue I have been searching for. I'm not super happy with the grey, but it works.
Now I have two greens, two pink/yellow, two grey, a yellow, a red, and a pink. They're all pretty similar, which makes it hard to find more colors that fit in. I also really think it needs a blue in there.
Sans flash here. The green looks more true.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Color Brick Quilt

So I decided to make a patchwork quilt. I'll be using this tutorial from Stitched in Color (I just spent two days reading her blog. I'm sick, so I didn't have the energy to actually make something of my own.) I pulled out this group of fat quarters that I liked so much I bought twice.
I have two fat quarters of the green, the green floral, and the pink floral. The second batch did not come with the bottom left piece. I don't know if it fell out or what. The middle color I used in this dress, so I only have eight fat quarters and the pattern calls for ten. I dove into my stash and grabbed these.
The yellow has gold in it, and I originally envisioned it as some beautiful bias tape. The grey has green and grey, and since I had thought of using grey as my solid I don't know if I want to use it.
The large print pink fabric has a few ocean scenes in it, which helps to tie in the grey/green a bit.

So readers: Do I use the yellow and the grey/green? Should I use the doubles of the colors or get different ones?

Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Week 23 - Another Shirt Bib

 Three just wasn't enough, especially as one is too tight in the arms and won't fit for much longer.

1. I ironed the Wonder Under to the front for the fabric, and it's supposed to be to the back. I didn't feel like making another so the whale is the back of the fabric. You can see that the colors are muted and the edges are blurrred.
2. I forgot to stabilize the fabric for the snaps, so I cut two lengths of bias tape, ironed under the ends, and sewed it on. Not a great fix as the first snap should be close to the edge of the fabric to make the neck hole as wide as possible, but I didn't feel like ripping.
I also made it wider and longer in the arms.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maybe I do want to make a quilt

So I have not been interested in making a quilt. They are beautiful, but it seems like a lot of time and I like projects that I can just sit down and do.

Then I saw this over as Sew Sweetness.

Holy goodness this is beautiful.

I definitely do not (yet!) have enough scrap fabric for this, and the scraps are what appeal to me as I can think about the other wonderful items made from the fabric, but I will keep this in mind.

Here's the link to the quilt-along from Stitched in Color.