Monday, March 7, 2011

2011 Week 4 - January 22 - January 28

So I finally finished my Swallowtail.

I started this in early 2009. I also joined a dodgeball team. Early on in the season I sprained my right pinky. Since I knit English, where you hold your yarn in your right hand, I was unable to knit. I could still play dodgeball though.
I decided to teach myself Continental knitting, where you hold the yarn in your left hand. I did not want to work on my shawl while I was still perfecting this style of knitting, so I put the Swallowtail aside. After my pinky healed and I could knit English again, and have similar tension to my previous knitting, It was time to start wedding knits! I was married in the summer of 2009 and of course needed to knit myself a wedding shawl.
This is my Cheshire Cat Stole that I left in the hotel room during the wedding. Oops.

After that I became pregnant, and the shawl languished in my knitting drawer while I worked on baby knit.
The Swallowtail shawl was picked up again in early 2011 and Jennifer and I talked about decreeing January 2011 FO (finished object) month.
I was about halfway done with the first set of nupp rows when I left off, so it didn't take too long to finish. I love knitting shawls and there is no reason this should have sat unfinished for so long!

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