Friday, March 4, 2011

Third tooth!

At the start of the year, our neighbor Matt was telling me that his daughter Morgan, who is two weeks older than Minnie, got her two bottom teeth. I said that Minnie still wasn't teething, and joked that I should check. She had a tooth! Two really, as they were both just barely poking though. I wonder how long it would have been until I noticed if he hadn't said anything.

Now finally, I think Minnie is cutting another tooth!

There's been nothing since then though. She's had two bulges at the top and I kept thinking that she was going to get those two soon, but there's been nothing for two months. She loves chewing on things, but she actually chews more on the sides of her mouth rather then where her top bulges are. Today it looks a bit bumpy on her right top bulge, so I think the tooth might be getting closer to the surface.

I'm glad for her to be getting more teeth, but not excited about her having top teeth while nursing. She's been pretty good about not biting so lets help for the best.

I'll leave you with a picture of her two (soon to be more!) pearly whites.


  1. love love love! hope those other 2 teeth come in time for her first cake!

  2. Teeth are in! Showed up one week after this post!


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