Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Week 2 - January 8 - January 14

This week I made a felted dress for Minnie.

It was really easy! I found a lambswool sweater at the Thrift Store a few weeks ago and washed it on hot and dried it in the dryer. I then put one of Minnie' dresses over the sweater and traced it, remembering to leave extra space for the seam allowances.
After I cut out the two pieces, I seamed the armhole and really did not like how it looked. I decided to just leave the neck and armholes unfinished. Since the sweater is felted the wool will not unravel and it will keep the edge. I seamed up the sides and at the top of the arms and was almost done.
There was actually a small hole in the front of the sweater. I knew this when I bought it but wasn't worried since I would be cutting it up anyway. I was thinking of putting the hole at the back of the dress, but decided to cover it. I used some extra pieces from the sweater and cut out small flowers. I also incorporated the stripes in the flowers and arranged them on the sweater. When sewing them on, I used pink thread on the brown parts and brown thread on the pink parts.
The hole is under the solid pink flower.
Minnie in her new dress.

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