Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Week 3 - January 15 - January 21

Spit Soakers! I promised my friend Sara some spit soakers a few weeks ago, but had a hard time selecting the fabric (and finding time to make them with the holidays). I have a ton of fabric and didn't want to buy anything new, but wanted it to go with her personality and her Ergo, which is black and maroon. I spied this cute pink design and was off!

A bunch of my friends and I have an Ergo baby carrier, and the babies love to chew on the straps. I got the idea of how to make these from the www.lubirdbaby.com tutorial here. You can just toss these spit soakers in the wash instead of the whole Ergo!

Here is the set of spit soakers I made for our Ergo carrier.
I would recommend using cotton chenille for the inside fabric as it does not stick to the velcro. The terrycloth that I used on my spit soakers does catch on the velcro.

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