Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Year in Review

So after making a thing a week for a year I have to say it was pretty dang easy. If I was only knitting things it would have been much more difficult, but with sewing I can get something done in an hour or less. If I forget to make something, at the end of the week I can put something together after Minnie goes to sleep and still get to bed on time. Knitting things definitely takes more time and planning.

It's also been nice to make so many gifts this year. It doesn't take much time to knit up a hat or sew some burp cloths, but it's so much fun to see people using the things you've made. I've made presents for baby showers and birthdays, but I didn't make holiday presents this year. Well, I started one that I messed up a bit, and I still haven't fixed it. Sorry, Mom! I'll get it to you at some point!

One thing I need to work on this next year is my blog. Sorry friend, you've been terribly neglected. I get so excited about making things but I don't spend much time recording what I've done. I also need to work on some tutorials for things I've made, like that dang shirt bib, so that you can make them too! I also need to post some on my works in progress. I can even post gifts as the recipient won't know it's for them, right?

So, holiday presents and blog. Anything else I should work on for 2012? (I totally wrote that as 2011)

Here's some of my favorite projects from this year:

Coasters for Melissa
I wear these socks all the time.
Shirt Bibs!
Yellow Dress
Sunshine Sweater

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