Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Thing a Week - Week 1 - Play Diapers

Now that Minnie's been playing more with stuffed animals and dolls, I've been wanting to make her some diapers for them. I made a few last weekend for a birthday gift and of course and they were so quick and easy! I of course didn't take pictures before giving them away, so I made another one for this week.
I like how it fits on her larger stuffed animal... 
And on her smaller doll!
After playing with Minnie for a bit I realized this is a better gift for a two year old. Sorry Lacy! Minnie will bring the diaper and doll over to me and "help" put it on but she definitely can't do it herself yet. Hopefully in a few months! It's still fun to play with her because she will rock the baby and kiss it after the diaper is secured.

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  1. Yeah, it's true Mouse doesn't realize that thing her penguin and bear are wearing is a diaper. She pulls at it and looks at it, but she'll appreciate it down the road! Thanks so much :) I'll send pics so you can add them to this post :)


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