Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Week 52 - Drawstring Bag

One thing I'm bad at with my knitting is keeping things organized. I tend to just shove everything in my knitting bag (which I love, thank you hubs), and this can cause a problem as sometimes the double pointed needles will fall out of the knitting or the yarn will get twisted. This was an extra big problem lately as the sweater I was knitting is now put aside to make some gifts. It takes up so much space in the knitting bag that it was hard to look under it for the needles to yarn that was underneath.
I sewed up a project bag this week to keep the sweater in. I'm thinking I should sew up a few more so I can keep each project in its own bag. Maybe it's just a sign that I'm in a sewing mood rather than a knitting mood?

Oh, and I sewed up a few coaster sets to give as gifts. I really need some for myself since the coasters are a little too hard when Minnie throws them at us. I only took a picture of one set. I've got extra of the green fabric so I may make some more for us. I love this Nicey Jane fabric!

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