Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Week 19 - Double-Sided Ruffled Apron

This apron turned out exactly like I wanted it to.
Butterfly side.
Cupcake side.
I envisioned a double sided apron with ruffles and a sash for my cousin's daughter's birthday. I sketched out a picture and made it.

I had a plain apron pattern already, Simplicity 2555, and I used it to figure out the size. I didn't use the directions, just the pattern pieces for the apron and pockets. If you have a kid to measure, or a plain apron pattern (there are free ones out there on the internet) you can make a ruffled one for yourself!

plain apron pattern
1/4 yard of 4 different fabrics
*You want 2 main fabrics and 2 coordinating fabrics.

The pattern I had was for one piece of fabric for the front, but I wanted a sash in the coordinating fabric. I cut out a separate top and bottom piece from the main fabric, making them slightly shorter than the pattern piece since I would be adding the sash.
The pockets are also from the original pattern, but I would make
a kangaroo pouch or deep pockets if I made this again.
For the accent fabrics I first cut out the pockets. I used pockets from my pattern but you could just wing it. I lined up the top piece of the main fabric to see how wide I needed to cut the sash. I think it was 4 inches tall. I then cut the piece for the bottom ruffle. I cut a strip 3.5 inches tall and 44 inches wide, the length of the fabric from selvage to selvage. Remember to cut everything twice if you want it double sided!

For the straps I cut out one long one 3 inches tall, and then two more in the biggest area of the remainder of the fabric. I cut a fourth one that was smaller than the other 3. I actually meant to cut them 2 inches wide but I like them the thickness they are. I did not make the straps double sided.

I managed to cut only one strap for the back ties. I only had a little bit of fabric left, so I decided to have the apron tie at the side, so children who can tie bows could tie the apron themselves! I will see how well this idea works in practice and let you know. If you want it to tie in the back you will need more fabric or you will need to make the strips thinner. I didn't want to deal with feeding the straps through the double-sided apron top, but I wanted them adjustable, so I made ties for the top. I hope they are long enough to stay back, behind the neck, and not get in the way of cooking.
Lovely serged edges.
For the pockets I double folded the top and sewed 1/4 inch from the edge. I serged the other three sides. If you don't have a serger you can zig-zag the edges, double fold them, or use pinking shears. I ironed in the serged sides and sewed them on close to the edge of the pocket.

I attached the pockets to the front using the guide from the pattern, but you could just wing it. Put one on, measure the distance to the side and the bottom, and use that to place the other three pockets.

I serged the sash to the bottom apron piece, and then to the top. After both apron fronts were complete, I sewed the ties using this tutorial. I love this so much! The ties were the most time consuming part of the project.

After all the ties were done I lined up the two aprons, right sides facing. I pinned in the ties so the unfinished edges were poking out, but the rest of the tie was inside the apron. It was a little awkward to sew.

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