Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday Skirts

Of course I made matching birthday skirts for us to wear.
Happy 1st Birthday!
I bought the fabric a while ago, thinking I would make myself a skirt and Minnie something, dress or romper, from it. I didn't think we would necessarily wear them together, but just that the fabric was beautiful and I loved it. It's a lighter weight than quilting cotton, which gives it a nice drape.

Early last week I came across this tutorial, and I knew I had found my skirt. I also re-found this tutorial and knew I had found Minnie's skirt. My skirt is just like the tutorial, but Minnie's is a bit different. I should have made the top part even smaller as I think it would have made the bottom skirt poofier. The tutorial calls for the waist band to be 2.5 times the waist and I made hers 2 times her waist, but I think I should have made hers 1.5 times. I would also make the bottom skirt shorter so you can see the tulle, as in the original.

Minnie also needed a "1" shirt to celebrate her big day. This took FOREVER. I used Wonder Under to keep the "1" in place, but the blanket stitch just made it draw out. I don't know if I just wasn't doing it right or what, but it took so long and I was tired from sewing and it just made it worse. I made a baby dress, apron, two skirts, and this shirt last week. The shirt was the only thing that seemed to drag on.

I didn't take many process shots, but here's some more party pictures!
Beautiful cake from Kelly!

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