Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ching Ming and Wondercon 2011

Saturday we celebrated Ching Ming, which loosely translates as Grave Sweeping Day. You visit the graves of your ancestors, bring them food, pray to them, and burn paper money and other paper items for them to use in the afterlife. We got to see some of Minnie's family that we don't get to see as often, and after a few minutes of grouchyness she was all smiles for them. It was a little breezy, like it is every year, and we need to remember to bring more warm clothes. Leng did remember to bring his creme brulee torch, which works great on windy days to light the incense.
Grumpy girl
Playful girl
After Ching Ming we headed out to Wondercon. We have been meaning to go for years and never got it together so this was our first year. It was pretty overwhelming. I had Minnie in the carrier and she was pretty good, but I had to stick my arms out to make a force field when it would get super crowded, like near Elvira's booth, so no one would bump into her.
Yes, those are vikings.
We met up with our friends John and Patti and their adorable girls.
Minnie kept diving into Anya's arms.
We finally ran into a Dr. Who who didn't look creepy and asked for a picture. Afterward we figured out why he looked familiar.
Yes, he had on red converse,
In the parking garage we finally asked Axe Cop for a picture. We'd seen him around the con, and Leng would say, "Axe Cop!" every time.
Axe Cop!

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  1. So freaking jealous of the "D2D2" shot. Jakey would plotz. He is plotzing just looking at the picture! He loves "D2D2" and wants to watch Star Wars at least every other day.


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