Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Week 15 - Birthday Invitations

For this week I made Minnie's birthday party invitations. I can't believe she's already almost 1!
I had a really tough time figuring out the invitations. It was the same for the baby shower. I have an idea in my head but can't find it anywhere. I decided to keep with the ocean theme since I love it, and Kelly is excited about designing the cake. Of course, there are no ocean-themed invitations that you can just buy. Since I am a procrastinator I couldn't have them printed from a shop and mailed to me. I had to come up with something on my own. I couldn't find any ocean stamps that weren't way more than I wanted to pay, and I couldn't find any sea animal scrapbook paper, so I was at a bit of a loss. There will be a lot of invitations and I didn't want to spend a lot of time or money on them.

Then I remembered that I could make my own stamps. We went off to the store to buy some foam so I could design some stamps. Instead I found these bags of little foam sea animals, which were perfect!
I drew lines in pencil so that you could recognize the shell better. It didn't make much of a difference but I'm still glad I did it
I love the smile!
I sketched a few 1s before deciding on one. I cut it out of the foam paper and remembered to glue backwards so it would stamp correctly.
Leng cut some wooden blocks of leftover wood and I had some stamps. The smaller ones I added to some pill bottles.
For the paint I already had a bunch from my plans of painting sea animals on Minnie's bedroom walls. That didn't happen (yet!). I mixed up some colors and watered them down a bit so they would stamp easier.
 I painted the colors on and stamped away.
I need to take pictures while the sun's still out.


  1. Totally cute invites! And you kept one for the scrapbook, right? For Jakey's I just used a stamp set I already had of animals and let Jakey pick which one. He picked the duck so then I came up with the "duck duck goose" theme. He tried to change his mind after that but I wouldn't let him lol. Then I took left over wedding thank you cards and glued the squares of colored paper over the writing after first stamping the ducks onto the colored paper. It took the better part of a whole day but that was because I was wrangling both kids that day.

  2. Good job repurposing the wedding thank you cards! I love it!


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