Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Thing a Week - Week 3 - Pillowcase

A few weeks after we got Minnie her toddler bed, my mom gave us a small pillow for her to use. It's been sitting up in the sewing room/office/guest room for two months now, so I finally made a pillowcase for it.
It was super simple to sew up. I just measured the pillow, making sure to account for the roundness of it, and added an inch for the seams. I added 3-4 inches for the side, so it would overlap the edge of the pillow. I think it ended up just being the selvedges for the opening edge. I sewed and then serged the inside seam, and sewed a 1" hem for the opening edge. I did a double seam on it, and it turned out nice. I want to pick up a double needle next time I'm out.

And Minnie? I think she likes it.


  1. Love it! Beautiful fabric :) and the kiddo, too haha

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