Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Thing a Week - Week 2 - Cloth Wipes

When you cloth diaper your kids, you also want to get some cloth wipes. When you're changing the diaper you stick the wipe inside when you roll it up. For our wipes, I bought some cotton jersey sheets at a discount store and cut them up. I wanted to use jersey because the fabric won't unravel like woven fabrics. If I'd used something like flannel, I'd need to secure the edges some way, such as by serging them. The jersey fabric seemed too thin to use on its own, so I sewed two pieces together. It'd probably be fine with just one layer, and be a ridonkulously quick project.

Disposable wipes are 8" square so that's what I did with my wipes. They will fit in a wipes case, but since they're dry cloth we just toss them in the diaper bag with the diapers. I cut the fabric 8"x16" and folded the fabric to make an 8" square.

What is that cute pink and yellow fabric on the side going to be?
8" square
Then I just did a wide zig zag stitch around the three open areas. I remembered to switch to my knit fabric machine needle this time.

I probably should have sewn across all sides just so it'd look nicer, but oh well! You can see that I have different colored thread in the top than the bottom. I like to use up old spools of thread from my grandmother and mostly empty bobbins when I make wipes. If the thread runs out halfway through I just pop in some more and keep going, after backstitching of course. They're wipes; I am totally not seam ripping mistakes.

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