Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Week 34 - Sock Knitting Bag

So a while back (a month? two? more?) my friend Jennifer asked if I'd sew her up a small bag for her sock knitting, and offered me some homemade jam as payment. Yum! However, I sort of forgot about it (sorry Jen!) and she thankfully asked me last week if I could still sew her up a bag.
It's lined so there's no stitches for the knitting needles to get caught on.
I love all the lines at the top.
I had sewn a lined bag last year, but I really liked the inner part, where you could see both fabrics. I wanted  the bag for Jennifer to look like the inside of mine, and It turned our pretty much exactly as I wanted it to.
I sewed this last year. See how much cuter it is with a
band of lining color?
I hope she likes it!

Also, you may have noticed the lack of sewing projects for a while. Part of that is due to the yarn sale at a local shop and feeling the need to knit up some of it to assuage some shopping guilt, but some of it is also due to my lack of a sewing space. Knitting can be closed up in a bag so it doesn't need a specific place or area, just somewhere to stash a bag. Sewing takes up a lot more space, and since I have cats I have to clean up my sewing stuff each time I stop. The cats will lay all over the fabric, wrinkling it and getting hair all over, and I just felt like I was wasting so much time pulling everything out and then putting it all away again each time I sewed. I've been working on rearranging the spare room/office so that it can be a spare room/office/sewing room. I've got everything moved up there today, and it'll definitely be a tight squeeze, but it'll be so nice to just leave a project out and close the door when Minnie wakes up, rather than cleaning things up, or just not sewing.

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