Friday, August 5, 2011

2011 Thing a Week - Week 31 - Curtains

So a friend of a friend needed some curtains sewn up, and I said sure! Gives me some practice, right? Well of course there ended up being some major hiccups:

Problem 1: The fabric ended up being the same height of the window, so with hemming and a top tube for the curtain rod they were too small.

Solution 1: Let's make a valance! Sent Andrea to Ikea for more fabric and a double curtain rod set up.

Problem 2: There was only 2 yards left of the fabric.

Solution 2: We only need 70".

Problem 3: We needed 78.5 inches in width. Oops.

Solution 3: Found some rings with clips to grab the curtain fabric. Original curtain Problem #1 solved!

Problem 4: Realized that valance was no longer needed, but had already bought fabric so I had to use it.

Problem 4.5: First idea for valance fails. (If there's a seam in the middle of the fabric, you can't offset the fold to make a two tier valance as the wrong side of the seam will show!)

Solution 4: Made a tube of the valance fabric. This took longer than the other two curtains.

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