Friday, September 9, 2011

Jacks Dress

It's not a dress for Jack, but a dress of jacks.

The fabric is printed with jacks.
I love love love how this turned out. It's definitely big; those Simplicity patterns sure are huge! But it looks okay now and will last a long time. I need to make more. I totally want to make one out of corduroy!

I added buttons to the back instead of a zipper. It was way easier than I thought. I sewed on the buttons with the machine too, which was fabulous. You just put the stitch length to 0, and slowly hand crank the needle to figure out how much it should zig zag. For these little buttons a 4 worked out. This page has a ton of great button/buttonhole information.

Oh yeah, the pattern is Simplicity 4243 Babies. This is the 12 month size and she's about 19 pounds here. It's roomy in the chest and arms and will fit her for a while.


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