Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting Ready for the Baby!

So I am now 37 weeks pregnant! A few weeks after we moved I was on my way to my midwife appointment, and I was having regular, painful contractions. I was only 29 weeks so this was not good. They had stopped by the time the appointment started, but I was told to take it easy.

Now, when you've just moved and you're pregnant and you stay at home with a toddler who likes to go through everything (don't they all?) and you have to look it the stuff all day, it's really hard not to do things. But having a baby at 7 months was not something I wanted. Even without worries on the health of the baby, the moving boxes would never get unpacked! So I took it easy, until two weeks ago. I hadn't been having any problems, and the nesting was hitting in, so I started unpacking and organizing. 

We got a new dresser and nightstand for Minnie. Her dresser was the one that matched the crib, so we've moved it into the baby/sewing room and I washed and organized the newborn and 0-3 month clothes. I definitely felt better about things after getting the baby clothes ready. Minnie's dresser is newly painted white, but it was not sanded before and it definitely needed it. I have plans to paint it at some point, possibly like CINO did, but we'll see when that actually happens. We don't have toddler locks on it so Minnie's been pulling out all her clothes and drawer separaters before naps and bedtime. Hopefully we can sand and paint it soon so we can keep the drawers closed. 

I've also finally been hemming curtains. Well, the sheers at least. It's hard to decide on window coverings, and the house didn't have any except one set of blinds in the upstairs guest bath. I've done six in the past week and I had done three in the two months before so that's pretty good. It's been 100 for a week (and will be for another week) and the sewing room gets super hot. I can only sew in the mornings, so I can only sew when hubs is home and can keep an eye on Minnie. The baby quilts were all sewn during her nap or after she went to bed, but even with the air conditioning it's just too hot in that room.

I've also started piecing a quilt for Minnie. Finally! It's three charm packs of Good Fortune bu Kate Spain. I'm in love with this fabric. I'm tempted to buy some yardage for the backing, but it's almost twice as much as some Kona Cotton Solid, so it's a tough decision. I was hoping to get it finished before the baby comes, but again it's just been too hot to sew. And now that I'm full term, I'm spending my time free time unpacking and organizing.

Oh, I also chopped off my hair. I guess I will try to get some pictures posted!

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