Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Thing a Week - Week 7 - Heart Crayons

We had a Valentine exchange with my mom's group, and I wanted to bring a fun gift that pretty much all the kids (0-6) could use. I decided to make crayons.
I've had this silicon heart ice cube tray for a while but I never make ice cubes from it. It's just been sitting in the garage. I decided to sacrifice future heart ice for heart crayons.
I first used the free crayons we have from various restaurants. They don't have the best composition, so they ended up really waxy at the top and I wasn't impressed. I wanted the crayons to be semi-solid, so I didn't want to stir them up. I ended up buying some higher quality crayons and the second batch was a lot better.
Sorting the colors.

After baking in the toaster oven.

1. Peeling crayons took forever! I should have steamed them to make the paper easier to pull off.
2. Breaking them was actually sort of hard on my fingers. Try to get some help if you are breaking a lot of crayons, or use ones your kids already broke!

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