Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fit of Baby Clothes

If this is your first baby you may be surprised to find that different brands of clothes are totally different sizes. Here’s what I learned with my first one. Add in how clothes fit your kid!
Gerber runs very small and narrow. Don’t even bother with newborn unless you will have a very small baby. My 6lbs 7ounces baby only fit in the Gerber newborn for a week and was out of the 0-3 months in a month. She was a pretty narrow baby, so the size bigger clothes fit her well. 
Carter’s runs a little smaller than others, and they fit long and lean. That’s what my daughter was and those fit her really well and fairly on size. I think the Walmart Carter’s line (it’s Carter’s ______ but I don’t remember what) runs a bit smaller than the Carter’s from the outlet or Target. 
Gymboree runs wide. If you have a bigger baby those will be a good fit and they last a while since they’re so roomy to begin with. For girls the dresses fit a long time since they are a bit wide but still cute, and then fit snugger and shorter as they grow. 
Circo (Target brand) runs short and wide. Since my girl had a longer torso she’d grow out of things a month or so early, even though the width still had room to grow. I had a white cardigan in 0-3 that she wore until a year. The sleeves were to her elbows by then but she looked super stylish. 
Jumping Bean (Kohls) I didn’t get any of these until she was a bit older, but they seem to fit a little more like Circo, wide. 
Children’s Place - These seem to be like slightly larger Carter’s fit. These also fit my little girl well but it would take her a bit longer to grow in and out of them. 
Baby Gap - This seems to be averageish to me, maybe slightly on the smaller end. These fit my daughter well but were a little big at first. 
Old Navy - The smaller sizes (smaller than 6 months) seem a bit short and wide. The sizing seems to change with each item. I’ve got a 12-18 month dress that fits and a different style in the same size that is too small. I’ve got a 12m dress that still fits. My friend had two pairs of pants, khaki and jean, and the khaki one was a size larger than the jean pair even though the tags were the same size. Try these on or compare them to other clothes before taking off the tags. I like this brand, I don’t mean to bad mouth them, but the sizing seems a bit erratic.
My kid: 
My daughter was pretty small and thin (though she did have nice chunky thighs for a while) and Carter’s has always fit her best. If you end up with a fairly narrow baby I’d recommend Carter’s for you. Baby Gap also fit her shape well but since she was small she’d wear a smaller size than her age.
When you are going through new clothes, lay them out next to each other and compare them. Wash clothes before lining them up because they may shrink more than others. If you just order them by size on the tag you’ll probably end up not using some clothes as they’ll be too small when your kid is “supposed” to fit them. If it says 3 months it means 0-3 months, and 6 months is 3-6 months.

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